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  • Key Performance Indicators for the Supply Chain

    Manufacturing is an industry typified by countless unique processes and workflows. Because of this, assessing overall performance and efficiency is a complex task. When looking specifically at the supply chain, companies make large investments in equipment and people to ensure flawless execution and are constantly looking for ways to evaluate...

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  • Warehouse-Design Modeling

    Camron_Blog_004 Once a company has gathered information about its current and anticipated future warehousing space and process needs, it can undertake to design, or redesign, a layout that will best handle those needs. The design process will incorporate evaluation of various layouts and their...

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  • Why the Manufacturing Industry Needs Business Intelligence Badly: A Christmas Story

    One of the nicest things about living in a city where rent is frighteningly out of proportion to average salaries is that most people share a roof with strangers, who later become friends. This circumstance has provided me insight into three very different professions to my own, and as a...

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  • What’s Trendy in the Business of Warehousing

    New technology and online shopping were hot topics during the “Emerging Trends in Warehousing and Logistics” session at the annual Surface Transportation Summit that took place on October 15, 2014 at the Mississauga Convention Centre. Three esteemed panelists went up to the mic and spoke about what’s new in the warehousing side...

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