Warehouse Design That Increases Efficiency

  • January 30, 2019

  • blog


Optimizing space and efficiency is the goal of a warehouse design or redesign. The layout that an assessment will promote will, generally:

  • allocate space for shipping, receiving and packaging versus inventory storage according to need;
  • minimize worker movement;
  • maximize accessibility to inventory;
  • locate fast-moving items together (if they’re likely to remain fast-moving over time) for quick access to increase picking speed;
  • support picker movement in a continuous route with minimal backtracking and cross-traffic;
  • limit handling of large items;
  • make the best possible use of equipment;
  • ensure compliance with safety and security requirements.

Warehousing needs change as clients and their products – and your value-added services – do. It’s important that any warehouse layout be designed with some flexibility in mind. That flexibility should extend to cover seasonal fluctuations in demand and workforce requirements.