Launching Camron into the Blogosphere

  • January 2, 2015

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Today Camron takes the leap into the world of Internet blogging.

Our initial posts will provide a quick look at the services we provide and, consequently, the topics we’ll focus on in future blogs. We look forward to sharing information and links to newsworthy articles, and hope to engage your interest… for a few minutes at a time.

Camron Consulting offers supply chain consulting services to manufacturers, distributors and service providers. We strive to provide innovative solutions and quantifiable value for our clients, increasing their supply chain productivity.

Our approach to work for clients follows a proven formula that could be used by anyone taking on a supply chain improvement project:

  1. Understand the goal;
  2. Promote collaboration between departments;
  3. Identify a few manageable projects or initiatives to be accomplished;
  4. Set out a plan with steps leading to achievement of the goal;
  5. Establish key performance indicators and performance targets, ensuring that everyone involved understands why the chosen KPIs are relevant; and,
  6. Share results and promote discussion in order to continue progressing toward targets.

Perhaps the most-important part of any effort to change a supply chain operation involves the people who’ll have to make the change. Getting them on board and making sure they understand the reasons for change and how to implement it are critical. Supporting them throughout the change and adequately training them for it is part of what we do, using visual communication tools to enhance their learning.

Keep an eye on our blog as we share insights and information on the topics that we focus on every day.